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Car Parking Game 3D - Real City Driving Challenge 1.2.0
WARNING!🏁 The most challenging game of its kind.🏁 Play at your ownrisk!Car Parking Game 3D is an amazing car parking simulator gamethat requires highest precision! The parking situation in CarParking Game 3D will require you to show top skills in steering,acceleration, and obstacle avoidance to get those vehicles parkedin parking places. As the parking lot driver, you will drive theawesome cars around corners, obstacles, and parking lot borderswith speed andaccuracy.*****************************************************************************************************FEATURES:-18 cars -4 unique game modes -2 parking lots with 100 levels -1labyrinth randomly generated in 31 different sizes -6 car upgrades(ie. speed, acceleration, braking, turning radius) -51 shiny rims(silver, black, chrome and golden) -24 body colors -changeablelicenseplate*****************************************************************************************************Carand driving game enthusiasts, get your crazy driving skills honedlike the blade of a knife in Car Parking Game 3D. Avoid cones alongthe roadside that are within your view and position the cars insidethe checkpoints. After racing the 18 sweet cars, from domestic toexotic, you are the king of the road! For the most lucrativeparking, exercise patience, check your mirror angles, check theclearance, keep one foot on the gas pedal and the other over thebrake. Avoid crashes, scratches, and smashes by thinking of yourcar as a continuation of your body. Car Parking Game 3D is anamazingly well designed game created for those who love actionpacked driving, superb graphics, and a challenging gaming. CarParking Game 3D will have you leveling up for great upgrades andmaximum scoring. School the fool that park their cars in your lotby showing them how to drive it like you stole it!Have a lot of funwith this new and unique car parking game of2017!********************************************************************************************************Followus:Facebook - -
Real Car Parking Simulator 16 1.03.005
Real Car Parking Simulator 16 is a real-life car parkingexperience, which aims towards testing your driving skills, withthe interactive features it offers. Go through 75 different levels,in time attack mode and see how good you are at parking your car.So, do you want to become a pro driver and be at the top of theleaderboard? Get Real Car Parking Simulator 16 today!Game Features:-Unlock all achievements to be on the top of the leaderboard. -Getyour hands on 15 different cars, with different specifications!-Use the precise collision system to achieve a real-life feeling ofthe game. -Pass through 3 different stages, with 25 levels each andcomplete the journey to becoming the best driver amidst yourfriends. -Challenge yourself in the time-attack mode, and test howyou can perform under- pressure. -Play the ‘free Ride’ mode todrive wherever you want, without any time limitations. -Customizeyour cars with different colors and accessories, and stand out!-Unlock all 50 achievements and make a global high-score to becomean all-time driving champion!So, are you willing to take on thechallenge and embark on a holistic journey to shape your carparking skills? Download Real Car Parking Simulator 16 today, andbe at the top of the leaderboard to outclass your opponent driversin this ultimate car parking saga!
Real Car Parking Simulator 16 Pro 1.03.005
Real Car Parking Simulator 16 Pro – An Ultimate Gaming Experiencein 2017 for the Drivers Who Dare to Challenge Their ParkingSkillsPlay without limits - no ads, no fuel restrictions.DownloadReal Car Parking Simulator 16 Pro from GOOGLE PLAY and enjoy a fullof excitement with action packed driving, amazing 3D graphics andchallenging game play.To be the winner in this game you have toshow top skills on steering, acceleration and park the cars on adesignated location while avoiding obstacles. For the mostlucrative parking you need to think of your car as a continuationof your body, exercise patience, check your mirror angles and checkthe clearance. This simulator consists of a precise collisionsystem that makes your points count.Unlock all the cars, Completeeach level with all the cars and unlock all the achievements to bethe king of the roads! Control your car with an on-screen steeringwheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Shift the gear forward orbackward as you need.Check out some of the amazing features: ☑️ -15awesome cars with different dimensions, max speed, acceleration,braking power and turning radius ☑️ -3 distinctive stages with 75total levels ☑️ -Cool upgrades and customizations * 4 differentupgrades: speed, acceleration, braking, turning radius * 24 bodycolors * 59 shiny rims * 5 car glass colors * Changeable licenseplates ☑️ -Over 30 achievements to gain while playing and improvingyour skills ☑️ -Realistic driving physics, virtual steering wheel,accelerator and brake pedals ☑️ -Stunning 3D graphics and beautifulinteractive environments ☑️ -Fast and addictive game play. Suitablefor both children and adults ☑️ -Optimized for all the devicesDoyou think that your skills will make you stand out from friends?New Game center integration makes you free to challenge yourfriends who say “I can beat you”.Also, drivers who challengethemselves on time attack will be getting their glory in Globalleader board. Be the master and make a name for yourself among yourpals.So, it’s time to pump up some adrenaline with our game!Pleaseshare your questions, problems or suggestions on Real Car ParkingSimulator 16 Pro. We love to hear them from you!Enjoy and staytuned for more exciting updates!
Rainbow Sandbox: Adult Coloring Books, Color Pages 1.3.98
Looking for adult coloring book and art therapy forrelaxation?Color pages for kids and adults that are sure to giveyou theultimate satisfaction and joy of coloring? Well, RainbowSandbox:Adult Coloring Books, Color Pages is your perfect solution.With200+ sandbox color pages, you are sure to enjoy every secondofcreating exquisite pop art while releasing stress andincreasingfocus.🎨SATISFYING DRAWING BOOKSColor by number, turn greyintocolorful or give color to gorgeous pixel illustrations, showthatyou can be a real coloring artist. There are 200+ coloringpageswhich can be categorized both as coloring pages for kids oradultcoloring pages.✍️NUMEROUS CATEGORIES OF COLORING PAGESOurdrawingbooks are neatly categorized per the user’s interest. Frommandalacolloring pages and adult coloring books, to animal coloringbooksfor kids and art for kids illustration, there is somethingforeveryone. Choose from 13 different categories of pictures:Animals,Food, Nature, Puppies, Hard (HD), People, Kids Time,Mandalas,Emoji, Butterflies, Fun, Automotive, Other. We especiallychallengeyou to try our special category Hard (HD).🖼️VIEW YOURCOLORINGARTRainbow Sandbox keeps all of your drawing books in MyDrawings.In library you may see all coloring pages. What’s reallyneat isthat in Play Mode you can watch how exacly you’ve coloredacoloring page.❤️WHY YOU’LL LOVE RAINBOW SANDBOX:✅ 200+coloringpages with more to come✅ 13 coloring books categories (bothadultcoloring & kids coloring pages)✅ Watch exactly how youcoloreda page in Play Mode.✅ Library & My Drawings ----Wheneveryouare feeling stressful and needs relaxation, sandbox coloring canbeof extreme help!Download Rainbow Sandbox now for free!