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Andrey Nikanorov Apps

OSM Downloader 2.1
ATTENTION! The given application downloads OpenStreetMap maps forCity Guide 7 or 8, Navitel, 7 Ways navigator apps only. If you haveany ideas regarding the support of other apps please contact me:[email protected] Downloader lets download OpenStreetMap maps for City Guide 7 or8, Navitel, 7 Ways navigators.Features:* Choose maps by country* Download several maps simultaneously* Display downloaded maps and their updates* Search the needed map by cityAll error reports and suggestions are welcome: [email protected]
Call Notes Pro - check out who is calling 7.4.7
Call Notes Pro helps you to identify who is calling you. You willsee the pop-up window during the call with the note, time of thelast call and any of the address book fields like company,position, birthday, even country, and mobile operator. You canenter notes as to when you are on a call and sync your in-app noteswith Evernote and OneNote.The application is a must-have for thosewho communicate a lot with new people and who have a long list ofcontacts. Business owners, consultants, lawyers, salespeople,recruiters, and journalists are satisfied users of theapp.NotesCall Notes Pro will show you the floating window with yournote and all contact details. You will always know who is calling.It is very easy to update the note after or during the call. Storeyour comments or any other useful information about thecontact.Address book fieldsIn addition to the notes, there is a lotof important information that would be nice to see when you are onthe call. The caller's organization, position, importantanniversaries and a lot of other fields are always visible duringthe call.SyncSync your in-app notes with Evernote and OneNote. Yournotes are always with you and synced on all of your devices. Youcan easily access and edit your notes in the Evernote or OneNotedesktop apps and even share them with colleagues. PrivacyAll yournotes and contacts are safe and private. Privacy is our toppriority! The app does not upload your data anywhere and uses onlyofficial API for the sync. Call Notes Pro is your simple, personaland private CRM and Caller ID. Features:• Display information suchas a note, company, title, birthday, group, calendar event, fullname, last call time, number and its type, type of call, address,email, website, location, and carrier. • Modify the notes directlyfrom the application, after the call or even during the call.•Highly customizable, you can adjust the location, font size, andcolor to fit your UI theme. A lot of advanced configurationoptions.• Support for all Android address book fields and internalnote databases. You can even add notes for unknown numbers. • Syncin-app notes with Evernote and OneNote.• Full dual-SIM support.•Dark theme.• Support for the Android Wear devices.• Runs on anyAndroid version from Ice Cream Sandwich to Oreo.Purchase the CallNotes Pro app to make your communication more efficient. Check ourhelp center for app docs and support:http://help.nikanorov.mobi/solution/folders/3000003067
Speedcam Downloader (Russia) 4.0.6
WARNING: This program downloads speedcam data for Russian and fewother regions only. Moreover, the application supports only thefollowing popular in Russia navigation programs: CityGuide, bGEO,GeoNET, Navitel Navigator, 7ways or iGO. You can check speedcamregion availability on: http://speedcamonline.ru. SpeedcamDownloader downloads the speedcam and radar data from the sitehttp://speedcamonline.ru for navigation of CityGuide, bGEO, GeoNET,Navitel, 7ways and iGO (including Primo).Before use, you must fillin the required settings such as program, region andformat.Features:* Support for CityGuide, bGEO, GeoNET, Navitel,7ways and iGO* Update for multiple programs at the same time* Theability to combine speedcam data for different regions* Backup oldspeedcam data* Scheduled downloadsGoogle+:http://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/102844462712972996879
Download Scheduler 1.3
Download Scheduler is a user-friendlyapplication which allows you to download the needed files from thenet regularly and on time. For example, speedcams, financial data,playlists and other information from any website used by you.You don’t have to put yourself reminders to download updatesmanually any more, the application will do everything for you!Thanks to this application your data will always stay current andup-to-date.Main functions:* Unlimited number of downloads* On schedule automatic downloads, as well as manual ones onas-needed basis* Possibility to use current date in URL (http://nikanorov.zendesk.com/entries/22357271-date-time-in-url)* Downloads from password-protected sites (HTTP Authentication:Basic)It would be great if you could give us a hand and translate thisapplication into languages spoken by you (and regretfully not byus): http://crowdin.net/project/download-scheduler/inviteDear users, GogglePlay does not provide the possibility toanswer your comments. If you’ve got a question it will be ourpleasure to answer it here: http://help.nikanorov.mobi
NewsJet (FREE RSS Reader) 4.0.4
NewsJet is a smart and freeminimalistic Android feed reader app. Our mission is to develop thebest feed reading experience for Android. We believe that feedreader app should be smart, fast and with awesome UI. And this iswhat we follow when bringing NewsJet to life.Feature list:* Really fast and ad-free offline RSS reader* Feedly, BazQux, The Old Reader,InoReader and Tiny Tiny RSS (TT-RSS) syncsupport* Light/dark theme and widget with lock screen support* Evernote and OneNote integration* Tablet optimized, hot corners* Font type/size customizations* Easy feed management, subscribe/unsubscribe* Readability support, built in web browser and articleprefetchPlease subscribe to our Google+ community for latest news and help:http://plus.google.com/communities/110764201921640583718We support sync (so you can read articles offline) with thefollowing services:* BazQux http://bazqux.com* Feedly http://feedly.com* InoReader http://inoreader.com* The Old Reader http://theoldreader.com* Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss) http://tt-rss.org/It would be great if you could give us a hand and translate thisapplication into languages spoken by you (and regretfully not byus): http://crowdin.com/project/newsjet/inviteTwitter: http://twitter.com/NewsJetApp
HappyID 1.3
HappyID helps you to identify who is calling you. The applicationshows you notes, company, position, birthday, closest event fromthe calendar and so on during the call. You could even sync allyour notes with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. HappyID is FREE andwithout ads.Please help us with translations:http://crowdin.com/project/happyid/inviteFor dual sim phones pleaseactivate "Dual-Sim" option in settings.