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Domotz Ltd Apps

Fing - Network Tools 7.0.4
Domotz Ltd
Fing, the top ranking, completely free and super-fast networkscanner, that’s used by millions of homes and professionals aroundthe world. Discover which devices are connected to any Wi-Finetwork, map devices, detect intruders, assess network securityrisks, troubleshoot network problems and achieve best networkperformance, with the world’s most popular network toolkit. Withmore than a dozen free network tools including; Wi-Fi scanner, portscanner, DNS lookup, ping and service monitoring – Fing is amust-have network utility. Fing network utilities include:+Wi-Fi/LAN scanner: discover all devices connected to any network+Full device details including IP address, MAC address, Device Name,Vendor, Device Manufacturer and more+ Advanced analysis of NetBIOS,UPNP and Bonjour names, properties and device types+ Inventory ofdevices and networks+ Internet connectivity checker+ ISP analysisand location+ Subnet scanner + Port scanner: TCP port scanning thatautomatically finds open ports and available services+ Ping andtraceroute: for network quality measurement+ WOL: remotely wake updevices+ DNS Lookup and reverse DNS lookup+ Connect to ports(Browser, SSH, FTP)+ Network intruder detection + Networkmonitoring: device online and offline tracking+ Supports deviceidentification by IP address for bridged networksTogether with itsadd-on Fingbox hardware, you may also:+ Block devices and pauseInternet connection+ Analyze the usage of bandwidth+ Find the Wi-FiSweet Spot+ Verify your Internet Speed+ Troubleshoot your Internetconnection+ Monitor the Digital Presence on your network+ Protectyour network with a wireless Digital Fence that continuouslywatches over Wi-Fi devices around you.
Domotz PRO Network Monitoring 1.7.10
Domotz Ltd
Domotz Pro is the network monitoring and remote tech support systemfor IT professionals, AV installers and uber geeks. PLEASE NOTE:This app REQUIRES the Domotz Agent to be installed on a network viathe Domotz Box, Domotz Pi or via self-install on Raspberry Pi orNAS (Synology, ReadyNAS or QNAP).Question or issues? [email protected] Use Domotz Pro to remotely troubleshoot devices,remotely access devices, remotely manage device power, performnetwork diagnostics and so much more! • NETWORK MONITORING: Get afull inventory of all IP devices connected to a network in seconds.Monitoring performed via MAC address and device heartbeat checkedevery 30 seconds.• REMOTE DEVICE ACCESS: Supports Web, RemoteDesktop and Console Access (http/s, RDP, SSH, Telnet).• REMOTEPOWER MANAGEMENT: Manage device power remotely (On/Off/Reboot).Supports most popular IP controllable power plugs.• NETWORKMAPPING/PoE/SNMP MONITORING: Automatic detection of which devicesare connected to individual ports of a managed switch. Monitor thedata traffic of individual ports and shut down individual ports.•ALERTS: Email and push notification alerts for network down, devicedown and new device joined the network.• NETWORK DIAGNOSTICS:Bandwidth analysis and speed tests.• MULTI-VLAN: Monitoring ofmultiple VLANs• COLLABORATION: Securely invite someone onto thenetwork or access an external network remotely.• DASHBOARD: Adashboard to troubleshoot and monitor all live agents installedacross various networks. Easily troubleshoot and identify issuesacross multiple networks.• PROFESSIONAL FEATURES FOR TECH SUPPORT
Fingbox 1.1.3
Domotz Ltd
Fingbox, your home network buddy, is acomplete toolkit for managing your home network. Secure your homenetwork, block unwanted devices, improve internet performance anddiscover your devices in real-time. Fingbox automatically connectsto and monitors all of your devices regardless of the brand, likeiPhones, smart TV’s, printers, Nest, Sonos, TiVo, Philips Hue andmany more.IMPORTANT: TO USE THIS APP YOU NEED TO HAVE THE FINGBOXHARDWARE. (Fingbox hardware is the essential add-on to the freeFing app and will be available for purchase soon onKickstarter)Key features:• 24/7 network and device monitoring of all your technology• Intruder alerts when an unknown device joins your network• Block unwanted devices from your network - like potentialintruders and devices being used too much• Internet & Device alerts when a device or the internet goesdown or offline• Home event history: see who was at home last Friday and whatdevices were being used• Remote Device Reboot• Remote Device Access• Internet Health & Speed Tests• Graphs on Speed & Latency changes over time• Monthly reports on network performancePopular reasons to use Fingbox:• Keep track of all your electronics• Get alerted about important events which may mean a security ordisaster risk• See what devices are being used• See who is at home like family members and guests• Assess potential network security threats• Identify intruders trying to access your network• Take action against threats, by blocking unwanted devices• Find out why the internet is slow• And so much more!
Violet - Digital Support 2.6.7
Domotz Ltd
Meet Violet 2 – The Digital Support App Violet is a revolutionaryDigital Support app designed for you and your custom AV installer.Get Violet to request support from your custom AV installer in1-tap, access parental controls, enhance network security, see howfast your internet connection is, solve smart home technologyproblems and so much more. PLEASE NOTE: The Violet Digital SupportApp requires a special Login and Password that can only be obtainedfrom your custom AV installer. Get Violet today, by requestingaccess to the Violet Digital Support App from your custom AVinstaller. For more information about getting started with theViolet Digital Support app, please write [email protected]’s Digital Support featuresinclude:Request Support: in 1-tap request support from your customAV installer to get help for a problem with your smart hometechnology faster than everParental Control: a simple and easy touse parental control, Violet lets you block and unblock devicesfrom accessing your network Network Security: detect and blockpotential intruders from accessing your networkHome PresenceDetection: Violet alerts you when new devices, family and guestsjoin and leave your network so you can always visualize what ishappening at your home Remote Power: reboot the power of certaindevices to solve a problem with your smart home in 1-tapNetworkdiagnostics: see how fast your internet connection is performing
Mag Care 2.6.7
Domotz Ltd
Meet "Magnolia Care" – The System Support App. The first appdesigned specifically for Magnolia Design Center "Magnolia Care"customers – streamlining "smart home" support and troubleshootingof audio/video/control/automation and networking systems. TheMagnolia Care app makes requesting support from your local MagnoliaDesign Center easier than ever. The homeowner can request supportand troubleshooting on a one-to-one basis to solve "smart home"issues faster than ever. The app lets you request support fromMagnolia with one tap, but in homes with "smart" power devices onselect components, the app allows the homeowner to solve simpleissues themselves with a device "reboot" feature.PLEASE NOTE: TheMagnolia Care App requires a special Log-in and password that canonly be obtained from your Magnolia Design Center installer.Magnolia Care's features include:· One-tap Support Request: requestsupport from your Magnolia Service Technician in one tap via theapp. Get help for an issue faster than ever!· Device Reboot: Rebootcertain devices in one click to make a locked-up device work again(coming soon)· Alerts: Receive alerts when new devices join yournetwork – to detect new people or intruders on your network· Who'sHome: Visualize who is at home based on their personal devices –family, guests or unknown devices connected to your network(intruder detection)· Home Tech Inventory: see the devices on yournetwork – and which are on-line or off-line· Network Diagnostics:run an Internet speed, latency and packet loss test to measure thequality of your Internet connection. Help with Magnolia Care TheMagnolia Care App requires a log-in and password which can beprovided to you by your Magnolia Design Center. Contact yourMagnolia Design Center today to find out more about Magnolia Caregetting access to the Magnolia Care App.