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Karl Schreiner Apps

Chess for All 2.9
Play chess against the computer or use the program to view, editand save games.Features:* Play against computer* Two-player mode*Computer against computer* Analysis mode* Edit mode* Own database(.pgn-db)* Save, insert, replace and delete a game* Position entry*Clipboard (game or position)* Opening book* Skill level* Chessclock options* PGN Download (Web)* Editing the PGN tags* FullChess960 support* Sound effects* Portrait- / landscape mode* UsermanualPermissionsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to save games on the SDcardINTERNET: to load PGN filesWAKE_LOCK: to block screen timeout(can be disabled)Source: GNU GPL v3
Stockfish Chess 1.19
"Stockfish Chess" is an Android port of the famous chess engine"Stockfish 7".You need a graphical user interface for playingagainst this engine. Please download the application "Chess forAll" from "Google Play Store".
Chess Engines 1.12
"Chess Engines" supports the "Universal Chess Interface" protocol(UCI). Short description:* install/uninstall compiled engines*import an installed engine* display UCI-Options* engine list*option: setting for playing strength(is not supported on allengines) IMPORTANT NOTE: You need a graphical user interface forplaying against this engines. Please download the application"Chess for All" from the "Google Play Store".
Chess for All ONLINE 1.34
features:* play online at* view and edit games* save,load and delete files* PGN-Format* full Chess960 support* soundeffects* free softwareSource code is available from myhomepage.Please contact the developer if you have questions orissues, before rating the app low. With an e-mail you can reach thedevelopers directly: select "Menu", "About" and "Contact".
Escalero Dice 1.15
Game features:* dice board * play against the computer*single/double* two/three players* automatic dice operation/resultentry* dice design: eyes/poker/number* display: column/player*variable setting of values (points, unit, bonus)* totals sum ordifference calculation* accounting* portrait/landscape mode* flipthe screen* save/load games on the SD cardThe advertisement can beswitched on/off in the settings.This game is for entertainmentonly, that is it does not provide "real-money gambling" or thechance to win real money or prizes.