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Hunter Animal 3D 2017 1.6
Hunter 3d 2017 is the first game hunters simulation. We will becomethe first real hunters during game play. First, you will have totrain your shooting skills before they can start hunting. The gamefeatures levels from easy to difficult: practicing, chicken shoot,shoot rabbits, deer shoot,fox shoot, and in the next version updatewill add some other animals such as bears, birds, tigers, andchances are dinosaurs =)). HOW TO PLAY: - Touch the screen to movethe gun to the target selected - At the top right button to fireGun - Zoom button to zoom to the target (the only new shotguns,rifles usually are not) - You must be able to earn enough exp tounlock the next level - You only have to perform one level 180s -Try to hit the target as much as possible - Each level will have 1missed certain number of times, you do not shoot too much slidingokay =)). Come on now, let's start installing the game and yourexperience is burned. How to expand the functionality will becontinually updated. You play for the team and supporters ofyourselves. Thanks!keyword: hunter, hunter 3d, deer, rabbit,chicken, fox, dino, bear, tiger,2014,fps, simulator
Platform Run 3D 1.7
Platform Run 3D is a game combination of two platforms and endlessrun.This is a free game with a lot of challenge, players and levelsto Unlock!HOW TO PLAY: - Swipe Left to move Left - Swipe Right tomove Right - Swipe Up to Jump - Swipe Down to DuckTAGET: - Collectenough diamond to Unlock next level.Download to PLAY your new rungame “PLATFORM RUN 3D" in casual category on Google play store now!
Animal Fun Test 2.6
SAMPLE FOR IN-APP BILLING VERSION 3. Please don't download this appfor you.