Juin 2013 (1223) | Episode 26- BB2 Ep #26 | The Flash Season 4

Parkster Apps

Parkster 3.6.0
Parkster is the app that simplifies your parking with your phone,without any extra fees! Start, stop and extend your parking fromyour phone. Avoid long queues to the ticket machine. No more coins,overpayment and unnecessary parking tickets.How do I start usingParkster?1. Download the app and create an acoount.2. Start payingfor your parking with Parkster!How does the app work?- Find aparking lot near you or enter the parking lot code.- Specify howlong you want to be parked. You can change this time later ifneeded.- Choose your car and start the parking!- A notification issent 15 minutes before the parking time is up.- Stop your parkingwhenever you want if you are finished before your specified stoptime.- The cost is added to your monthly invoice.- The trafficwarden checks their hand terminal and can see if your licensenumber has a valid parking.Payment monthly in arrears. You canchoose between the following payment methods:- Email invoice (noextra fee)- VISA / MasterCard (no extra fee)- Paper invoice(invoice fee added)The app is regularly updated with new featuresto make your parking even smoother!