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Photo Designer Apps

Movie Maker : Video Merger 3.3.0
Movie Maker : Video Merger is free applicationmade by POV.This is strong, simple useful video editor, help you edit yourvideo on your smart phone.This application based on FFMPEG library, the best and strong videoprocessing in the world.Main features of application- Make Photo slide show from your photos.- Merge your videos, combine your video files to one file.- Sort photos/videos before make slide show or merge.- Help you create your lovely photo before make video slideshow.- Help you create selfie photos before made video slide show.- Create selfie video before merge.- Create effect, edit photo before make video slide show.- Play video after created.- Share videos to social network.How to use application- Select photos to make video slide show.- Select videos/movie to merge.- Sort photos/movies before make slide show or merge.About:We use some images from and
Selfie Camera HD 28.5.18
Selfie Camera HD is free application. Use this application help youtake picture, decoration for photo while preview.You can addsticker to photo while preview and take picture when you like.WithSelfie Camera HD you don't need any more photo editor. Because youcan edit your picture as you like before you take it.Mainfeatures.* Support many stickers for photo decoration .* Addsticker while preview and take picture combine with sitcker.*Zoom-in, zoom-out, drag and drop, rotate sticker on screen.* Removesticker and add again.* Timer option for selfie.Many additionstrong features.* Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures areperfectly level no matter what (see example image).* Zoom viamulti-touch gesture and single-touch control.* Flashon/off/auto/torch.* Choice of focus modes (including macro, and a"manual" focus mode which only focuses when you touch the screen).*Touch to select focus and metering area.* Face detection option.*Choice of front/back camera.* Choose scene modes, color effects,white balance, ISO and exposure compensation.* Support for exposurelock.* Video recording (with optional audio, and support for videostabilization, and changing frame rate and bitrate).* Choice ofcamera and video resolution, and JPEG image quality. Support forall resolutions offered by the camera.* Option to lock orientationto portrait or landscape for photo or video.* Timer option.* Burstmode, with configurable delay.* Thumbnail of last photo/video isdisplayed, with link to the gallery app.* Option to silence theshutter (Android 4.2+).* GUI works in any orientation without anypause when changing orientation. Option to optimise for left andright-handed users.* Configurable volume keys (to take picture,focus, zoom, change exposure compensation, turn auto-stabiliseon/off).* Choice of save folder.* Configurable on-screen displayshows battery, time, remaining device memory, orientation anddirection of camera; also option to overlay a choice of grids(including "rule of thirds") and crop guides.* Preview aspect ratiocan be set either to maximise the preview display size, or matchthe aspect ratio of the photo/video resolution (so what you see iswhat is actually recorded).* Option to apply a date and timestampto photos, and also to stamp photo.License==============This sourceis released under the GPL v3 or later. Based on Open Camera of MarkHarman.We use some photos designed by Teksomolika)Image courtesy of nenetus
Crop Video 1.3.5
Crop Video is a simple useful video editor, help you easy to cropvideo on smart phone.It based on FFMPEG library, ffmpeg is the moststrong movie processing in the world.Features- Crop a view ofvideo- Adjust view of video to crop- Crop and resize video as sizethat you want- What you see is what you get- Easy as you crop aphoto.- Play video after crop- Share your clips to Youtube,Facebook,etc- Delete your clips.- Display all files in your phoneto select.Manual:- Select your video to crop- Adjust view to crop-Crop, save and share it.About:Video Cutter uses FFmpeg underpermission of LGPL.We use some images from
Video Cutter : Video Trimmer 3.3.0
Video Cutter: Video Trimmer is a simple useful video editor, makevideo edit on Android device so easy.It based on FFmpeg library, itis the most strong movie processing in the world.Main features ofapplication:- Keep original video quality after cut. Output videohave same quality with original video.- Fast and easy to cut largefile.- Trim your video- Delete selected part of video- Split yourvideos into two clips- Preview video before cut.- Play video aftercut.- Share your clips to Youtube, Facebook,etc- Rename and deleteyour clips.- Display all file in your phone to select.- Compactsize and easy to use.- Supported Input video formats below andmore:3GPP files (*.3gp,*.3g2,*.3gpp;*,3g,*.k3g,*,3gp2); AMV files(*.amv); AVI Files (*.avi); Digital Video Files (*.dv); DVD VideoFiles (*.vob); Flash Video (*.flv,*.f4v,*.swf); Matroska Video(*.mkv); MPEG Files (*.mpg, *.mpeg , *.mpe, *.m1v, *.m2v, *.m2t,*.tod); MPEG-4 files(*.mp4,*.m4v); NDS DPG Files (*.dpg); QuickTimeFiles (*.mov,*.qt); RealMedia file (*.rm,*.rmvb); VCD Movie Files(*.dat); WebM Video Files (*.webm); Windows Media Video Files(*.wmv,*.asf), etc,How to use:- Select your video to cut.- Selectpart you want to cut.- Cut, save and share it.About:Video Cutteruses FFmpeg We use some images from and
Sketch by Camera 1.2.0
Sketch Camera is free.It help you display camera preview as sketch real-time. You canadjust camera and parameter to get sketch image you like andcapture it.This application support both FRONT and BACK camera. That allowyou create your portrait sketch by FRONT camera or sketcheverything by BACK camera.After get the best sketch image, you can share to everyone or useas profile picture for contact, facebook, Google plus and soon.How to use:● Open application and click START button.● Adjust parameter to get the best camera preview.● Take picture from camera.● Share your image.About:● This application based on OpenCV (OpenSource Computer Vision) . OpenCV is the best imageprocessing library in the world, it helpour application to be strong and smart.● We use some images designed by● Sketch Photo saved in: SDcard/SKETCH_CAM_POV/
Visualizer Player 1.0.1
This Media Visualizer Player brings yourmusicto the screen in an explosion of bright colors.Key features🎶 Visualizes whatever music or sound is coming from yourmediafiles.🎶 Dramatically displays visualizes and combine together.🎶 Line Visualizer.🎶 Circle Visualizer.🎶 Bar Visualizer.🎶 Bar and Circle Visualizer.🎶 Display many Visualizer at same time.🎶 Allow you select and play your file, ringtones from SDCardHow to Use🎶 Open Application.🎶 Select and play music for menu.We use some images designed by
Video Cutter : Remove Middle Parts Video 1.1.0
This is free video cutter help you fast and easy to remove anyunwanted parts of Video.Many user send email to us to say they wanta application can cut any parts from Video, especially middle ofvideo.So we made this application to help everyone do thatthing.Main features:- Delete middle parts : Remove unwanted partsin the middle of your videos.- Video Trimmer : Trim your videos toremove unwanted parts- Show all video in your phone to help youselect to cut.- Easy play video after cut.- Share video to socialnetwork.- You can easy to select part to cut.- Support most videoformats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP etc.- Keep original videoquality after cut. Output video have same quality with originalvideo.How to use:- Select Video.- Select part to cut.- Save andshare video.More information:- Application uses FFmpeg underpermission of LGPL.- We use some images designed by iconfinder.comand pinnacleanimates from
Tiếq Việt - Tiếng Việt 1.0.0
Tên của ban viết như thế nào trong Tiếq Việt?Chuyển đổi mã tiếngviệt theo kiểu mới đề xuấ , q=k, nh=n, ngh=q, đ=d, d, gi, rthay bằng "z" ..v..v.Ví Dụ:"Cách chuyển đổi tiếng Việt kiểu mớiđang gây sốt cộng đồng mạng"Chuyển thành:"Kác cuyển dổi tiếq Việtkiểu mới gây sốt kộq dồq mạq"- Cho phép chuyển đổi văn bản sangkiểu mã mới.- So sánh hiệu quả giữa hai bộ mã sau khi chuyển đổi.-Sao chép, chia sẻ qua mạng xã hội.Your name write how TieqVietnam?Vietnamese conversion code new style = x, q= k, nh = n, q = ngh, e = d, d, gi, r replaced with "z" ..v..v.Forexample:"How to convert Vietnamese new style is causing feveronline community"Converted into:"Migrated dổi KAC Vietnamese tieqnew type cause fever koq doq MAQ"- Allows convert text to type thenew code.- Comparison between the two encoding efficiency afterconversion.- Copy, share via social networks.
Compress Image , Resize and Crop 1.0.6
Reduce photo size up to 99%Almost pictures taken by a phone ortablet camera are about 5 MB or more, it will exceed the maximummessage size. It take long time to send email/message throughinternet.Resize photo before composing the e-mail and then attachmuch smaller pictures is best way.You have a lot of photos, itconsume a lot of space in your phone, tablet. This app will helpyou save space by reduce, compress photo size.To quickly reduce thepicture size or resolution, this app is a perfect choice. It allowsyou to easily reduce photo size without losing quality.MainFeatures:1) Reduce photos size to send them easier and faster viaemail, mms (text message)... and other instant messenger2) Adjustor Crop photo resolution to specific requirements (youtube banner,facebook cover, visa, online form etc.)3) Easy to edit and sharephotos3) Compact application size4) Easy to view result afteredit5) Support suggest resolution or customize by yourself6) Niceuser interface7) Exif information maintenance8) Specify theposition and size, crop the image9) Support built-in gallery toshow photos10) Select exist photo or capture photo use camera11)Receive photo from other application to compress and resize orcrop12) Reducing photo size maintains its quality and aspectratio13) Support JPG/PNG compress and resize.14) Convert PNG toJPG15) Support many crop ratio: 1:1, 16:9, 3:4, 2:316) Rotate photowhile crop17) Adjust photo quality as you wantHow to use:1) Selector take photo.2) Select function compress or crop.3) Save and sendthrough email or social network.Photo Saved in:SDCard\CompressPhoto_POV