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文学城 - 3.1.5
文学城( Android客户端. 系统支持: Android 2.2 ~ Android4.x文学城致力于服务全球华人。依托于我们广大读者群,文学城打造出了如下特色品牌:子女教育 –子女培养?上藤校?家长关系?……在海外养孩子不是孤军奋斗我爱我家 – 装修、家长里短、邻里关系……家永远是最温馨的港湾私房小菜 –不论是私房食谱还是美食地图,在私房小菜论坛里你都能找到你的那盘菜海外原创 – 分享生活,讲你的故事流行时尚 –展示自我充实自我的平台影视人生 – 国内流行看什么?请看影视人生论坛世界风情 –读万卷书不如行万里路文学城以成为“跨出国门信息第一站”为目标,将信息窗口与网络社区相结合,为海外华人提供第一线咨询和方便的在线互动平台。文学城将会不断完善,为用户提供最便利的信息传播渠道,丰富广大读者的生活。文学城新闻, 论坛, 博客,48小时热点新闻Keywords: Gatechina, Wenxuecity, 文学城.Wenxuecity( Android client.System Support: Android 2.2 ~Android 4.xCity is committed to serving the global Chineseliterature. Relying on our readership base, Wenxuecity create thefollowing characteristics of the brand:Education of their children- children develop? On the vine school? Parent relationship? ......Raising children than in the overseas struggle aloneI love myfamily - decoration, family gossip, neighborhood ...... home isalways the most warm havenPrivate dishes - whether owners orgourmet recipes maps forum in Private dishes that you can find yourdishOverseas originality - to share their life, your storyFashion -show self-enrichment platform for selfFilm Life - domestic epidemicsee what? Look at Life Television ForumWorld style - read a lotbetter than reading ten thousand booksLiterature city to become a"go abroad information first stop" as the goal, the informationwindow and the online communities combine to provide a first lineof overseas Chinese consulting and convenient online interactiveplatform. Literature city will continue to improve, to provideusers with the most convenient channels of informationdissemination to enrich the lives of readers.Literature city news,forums, blog, 48 hours hot newsKeywords: Gatechina, Wenxuecity,literary city.