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Wix Apps

Wix Touch Preview 7.3.0
Wix Touch Preview gives you the ability topreview your Wix store on your device. Experience the fullfunctionality your mobile store offers, navigate the screens andsee it as users will. Wix Touch Preview syncs with the Wix Touchback office, enabling updates to be instantly pushed to yourmobile.Note: You need to have your own Wix Online Store in order to usethis app.This app requires an existing Wix account. Wix Online Storeusers should first create an app using Wix Touch.App Features:- See your app as users will- Try out every feature your app offers- Sync your app with your latest Wix Touch version
Shopping by Wix 7.7.7
Shopping by Wix - A Great ShoppingExperienceWelcome to the Shopping by Wix app. Shopping by Wix is a storebrowser that gives customers around the world a great mobileshopping experience. Discover new stores and products — all fromthe comfort of your phone.Got a link from your favorite store? Install the app and startbrowsing the store’s products now. Be the first to know aboutspecial promotions and new products by opting-in to receive pushnotifications.
Wix 1.11915.58
Now you can easily manage your business on the go with the Wix App.Receive real-time updates, manage your online store, start aconversation with your visitors & more, all from yourmobile.*Invited to join a club? Download the Wix App to easilymanage and book your appointments.With the Wix App, you’ll nevermiss out:- Interact with Visitors Get notified when you have a newvisitor on your site, start a live chat and respond to customermessages. You can view your entire client history - like messages,orders and more. - Run Your StoreManage your online store anywhere,anytime. Easily track orders, add new products, get instantnotifications on every sale and know when you’re all sold out. -Manage Your BookingsEasily keep track of your schedule, manage yourstaffs’ schedule, add new appointments, manage participants, andget instant notifications anywhere, anytime. - Manage Your EventsTrack RSVPs and check guests into your event.- Keep Track ofInvoicesView invoice details from your mobile device and getnotified when customers make a payment, so you’re always in theloop. - Manage Your ReservationsEasily keep track of all yourreservations and see your availability at a glance. And if a guestcalls, add their booking right from your phone. - See It, Snap It,Add ItEasily upload photos from your phone or take photos in theapp to use on your site, store or blog.- Become a Beta tester!Getearly access to the great things coming in the next version of theWix App for Android. Send feedback directly to developers, reportissues and make an impact. Join now: more inour Help Center:
Wix Restaurants 3.1.3
Not in the kitchen? No problem!Stay on top of your restaurant’sorders on the go.Manage your restaurant’s orders wherever you arewith the Wix Restaurants app. Seamlessly connect to your Wix siteand immediately start seeing orders on your phone.Get instantlynotified when new orders are placed and if they’re not beinghandled quickly.Easily swipe to accept orders and mark them asfulfilled. See the history of all your orders on your phone andview rejected and completed orders.Email or fax orders so everyoneon your team can access orders. Need to reject an order? Just tapto reject it.Download the Wix Restaurants app and manage yourorders from anywhere.